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How do you feel about the pressure from society of finishing college within 4 years before 22? Do you feel that it's rushing people and just putting more stress upon students instead of allowing them to go at their own pace because of financial burdens and such?



I have so many feelings about the US higher education system.

  • It’s ridiculous to expect a 17-year-old to know what they want to do with the rest of their life.
  • It’s even more absurd to ask them to gamble their entire financial future on this decision.
  • The children of the rich are at a huge advantage here (as they are everywhere) as they can afford to take 5 or more years to finish, switching majors if/when their interests change, and they don’t have to take any paying job they can upon graduation, as they don’t have to worry about loans coming due.
  • We’re told to get a degree so we can get a job, but getting a degree (even an advanced degree) is no guarantee of employment.
  • Students are encouraged to attend the best *name* school that will accept them, and then berated when they have to take out loans to attend.
  • OR they go the cheapest route and are treated as less than because they don’t have the *name* school pedigree.
  • Basically everything you can learn in university classes you can learn from reading for free at a public library, and discussing online or in person - you can even listen to university lectures free with streaming services like iTunes - but the learning doesn’t matter, the paper does.
  • Graduating college is a class/status symbol, not proof that graduates actually engaged with the material or learned critical thinking. It’s certainly not a predictor of who will work hard or excel in their careers.



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